About Us


It all began in 2012 when we got together to form the Pacific International Youth Music Society. A non-profit organization committed to spread the transformative power of music and its positive effects on our children.

We have organized an annual piano festival that will help young musicians to enhance both performing skills and their ability to communicate those skills with confidence. We will help achieve and maintain the highest professional standards among music teachers as well as to promote enjoyment and educational aspects of music in the arts community by presenting concerts, master classes and competitions. We achieve all this entirely on the dedication of volunteers, the invaluable expertise of our advisors and the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

This year marks our 11th year of our annual festival and we are presenting it with a different look. Join us as we invite violinists with the introduction of our new violin category! Where do we go from here? Follow along as we continue this musical journey together.

Advisory Committee (Piano)
Dr. Bogdan Dulu
Dr. Donna Symons
Mr. Edward Leung
Dr. Henri-Paul Sicsic
Mr. Paolo Vairo
Dr. Raul Valesco
Dr. Ronald Morgan

Advisory Committee (Violin)
Mr. Jonathan Der
Mr. Jason Ho
Mr. Alvin Tran

Artistic Committee
Clara Lo, Graphic Artist
Raymond Leung, Webmaster
Raymond Leung, Yu Wei, Photographers

Board of Directors
Harvey Eng, President
Peggy Yip, Vice-President
Angela Wong, Secretary
Peggy Mak, Treasurer
Emily Chen, Member

Joyce Wong, Executive Director